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Total Knee Replacement

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Bilateral Knee Replacement

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Partial Knee Replacement

Knee Replacements in India

Knee replacement is a surgical treatment in which parts of the knee joint are substituted with synthetic parts (prostheses) . A normal knee functions as a hinge joint connecting the upper leg bone (femur) and the lower leg bones (tibia and fibula) The surfaces where these bones meet up can become damaged over time frequently due to arthritis or other conditions which be able to cause pain and swelling.

Knee replacement surgery is a common solution that provides dramatic pain relief for more than 90 percent of patients. The vast majority of knee replacement procedures are used to treat osteoarthritis. The procedure introduced in 1968 relies on a mechanical implant to replace severely arthritic or damaged knee joints.Total knee replacement(TKR), also called total knee arthroplasty (TKA), is considered one of the safest and most effective procedures in orthopaedics.

Reason For Knee Replacement:

Knee replacement is one alternative to reduce pain and to return function to an arthritic knee. Mainly universal reason for knee replacement is that other treatments (weight loss medicines and injections) have failed to relieve arthritis-associated knee pain. The objective of knee replacement is to reduce pain, develop excellence of life, and continue or develop knee function. The treatment is performed on people of all ages.

Alternative To Knee Replacement

Although knee replacement can be useful under the right conditions, you should discuss the risks, benefits, and alternatives with doctor. Alternative to take knee replacement

Nonsurgical treatment — nonsurgical treatment methods are primarily suggested for patients with osteoarthritis and inflammatory arthritis.

  • Weight loss
  • Do exercises
  • Medications, as well as over-the-counter and drug. These consist of pain relievers such as acetaminophen and anti-inflammatory medicines such as ibuprofen or naproxen.
  • Knee stimulating or shoe inserts, both of which assist may bring into line the knee and stability the weight on the joint
  • Persons with rheumatoid and other inflammatory arthritis should try physio therapy and medicines earlier than consider total knee replacement

Osteotomy — Osteotomy is a surgical treatment that involves cutting the leg bone, realigning it and allowing it to cure. It is used to shift weight from a damaged part of the knee to a normal or fewer damage one. Osteotomy is not recommended for people whom older than 60 years of age or for those with inflammatory arthritis (such as rheumatoid arthritis).

Cost for knee replacement surgery

  • 1. Unilateral - ONE KNEE – USD 7650
  • 2. Bilateral - BOTH KNEES – USD 11200
  • 3. Revision TKR (Unilateral) – USD 10200
  • 4. Revision TKR (Bi-lateral) – USD 14500

Note: Cost Estimate for above include stay in a Private Room where a Companion can stay with the patient in the In-patient room, surgeon fee, medicines and consumables, nursing care, food and Airport Pick & Drop at the hospital. More accurate treatment cost estimates can be provided if medical reports are emailed to us or after the patient is examined by doctors after arrival at hospital in India and medical tests are done after admission.